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The noble family members are nauseated by the trend when Princess Eugenie adopted the actions of their own mother at the heart of the London Style Week celebration The WAG who yesterday. A few nights after Dorothy, the Duchess of York, she donned her clothes in the long black dress on the current fashion trends for the presentation of the charity Naomi Campbell, Style For Reduction, as her daughter, Princess Eugenie, herself contributed to the design. Fashionable in an all-black outfit and a red-colored lip outline, the 24-year-old signed with the stars and crowds of artists at the Serpent Serpentine Potential Competitors' social rally with Serpentine Sackler tanming jackets men Public, London. Although the nausea of ​​Oscars was felt in Chicago, the local megastars have finally prepared for the annual climax of the development of London Style Week. Princess Eugenie - who had just been traveling to residency after a long week-long fashion festival in New York, where she works as Director of Online Auctions at Profit at Paddle8 - has each watched "the fashionista." She used a black skater dress with pretty heeled sandals, a black Moschino clutch system in natural leather, and a fur-trimmed natural leather jacket. Dark-colored eyeliner, smooth lipstick and gold and turquoise diamond earrings complete the style. It was accompanied by famous brands Daisy Lowe, DJ Jane Charteris and independent rock band Warpaint, who concluded the evening with vibrant efficiency. She then became popular with her jacket to demonstrate her dress, fighting hard against bare legs. Other Friends of the Night Artist, MIA, the Woman with All Eugenie is a the Dragon, the Icon Superstar, Noomi Rapace, the blogger Susie Bubble, Atl P Cadenet, the daughter of Amanda p Cadanet and John Tayor of Duran Duran Connector Guinnes and Pixie Lott.

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